Pediatric Care!

It is critical to child's health to have a WELL aligned spine and nervous system function!

Protect Health of Your Children!

Birth process is often a primary cause of misalignment of the spine and head bones that leads to pressure on the brain and the spinal cord. As a result child’s health, healing and normal function is in danger! Every child need to get checked for Subluxations!

Pregnancy Care!

Healthy mothers give birt to healthy children! Well aligned mothers have Easier and Faster Birth!

Easier and Faster Birth!

Easier and faster birth decreases the stress on baby. Baby has fewer chances to have birth trauma. That leads to healthier baby. Every women needs to be checked for presence of spinal and pelvic misalignment – Subluxation.

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Adjusting infant
Whole family under care
  • Markham Chiropractor in IronMan Muskoka 70.3

    Markham Chiropractor in IronMan Muskoka 70.3

    Thank you for your support and encouragement of me in completion of IronMan Muskoka70.3.

    I am grateful to you and my family, my chiropractor and my coaches and everyone who helped me to utilize God’s given […]

  • Health is intentional!

    Health is intentional!

    Health is intentional!

    The Chiropractic profession has long stressed the importance of a healthy spine for overall health and wellness. Now a study published in the August 16, 2004 issue of the scientific periodical, The Journal […]

  • Incidents and Coincidences of a Healthy Life by Principled Chiropractor in Markham.

    Incidents and Coincidences of a Healthy Life by Principled Chiropractor in Markham.

    Bedwetting (Enuresis)
    Bell’s Palsy
    Birth Trauma
    Blood Pressure
    Brain Function
    Breeched Birth
    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    Cerebral Palsy
    Childhood Diseases
    Chiropractic: General Efficacy, Safety, and Satisfaction
    Common Cold
    Ear Infections
    Erb’s Palsy
    Facial Symmetry
    Headaches & Migranes
    Pyloric Stenosis
    Quality of Life
    Respiratory Function
    Sinus and Respiratory Infection
    Skin – Eczema – Psoriasis
    Speech Disorders
    Spinal Health
    Sports […]

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Correcting the Cause of Sickness!

Most doctors concern how to eliminate symptoms.
We concern how to eliminate the cause of those symptoms!
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We do whatever it takes to help people who wants to be well! We eliminated all barriers for people to receive quality chiropractic care. The only one question left “How serious are YOU about your HEALTH?”

….. now I can walk….I am so grateful…and I after multiple MRI’s, CT’s and X-rays they want to operate on me….Thanks God that I found true help at Healthy Kids & Family Chiropractic! Chiropractic saved my legs and my life!
… I am 25 years under chiropractic care. After my last chiropractor retired, I was praying that God will send me to a good chiropractor who will continue to take care of me with love, dignity and respect. After finding Healthy Kids & Family chiropractic I feel YOUNGER, STRONGER and HEALTHIER! I really enjoy my care here..
Luba, Toronto
…I had low back pain for 15 years. Nobody could help me. NOW, I don’t have neck pain, back pain. I sleep better! I am more active! I love my regular chiropractic care at Healthy Kids & Family Chiropractic! My whole family is under care and we absolutely love it! It changed our family and lives! Keep up a good job Doc!
Helen, Markham

Our Healthy Kids & Families!

Families Under Care! 83%
Children Under Care 78%
Whole Family Examined! 97%
Referral Patients! 98%

Infantile Colic ! What’s going on?

Infantile Colic
Infantile colic can be as troublesome for the parent as the child experiencing the condition. Characterized by a multitude of symptoms, the child suffering from infantile colic does not usually respond to simple comforting […]

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Positive DNA expression in patients under long term chiropractic care!

One of my biggest challenges is a communication of large amount of information in a short period of time. I have no problem teaching doctors and students 12-36 hour over the weekend, but I do […]

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