Meet Our Team

Dr. Dmitri Sokolov
Dr. Dmitri SokolovChiropractor
Dr. Dmitri loves serving people. His heart devoted to Christ and he knows that by serving people he is serving God. He is compassionate, visionary and very knowledgeable professional. We are proud to share that Dr. Sokolov was awarded as a Worldwide Leader in Health Care and Top Chiropractor in Ontario in 2012.

Janna Exam Specialist
Janna’s big heart and love for God helps people to realize importance of health in persons life. After regaining her legs function Janna committed her life to share the truth and help people make healthier choices, specifically through chiropractic lifestyle and proper nutrition. Janna loves children and envisions people being well forever.

LarrettaOffice Assistant
Larretta is a passionate, loving and caring person. She loves and ready to serve people at all times. Larretta helps people right at the front desk and looking forward to serve you.

We Are Here To Serve You

Our mission is to help children and families become healthy and achieve the optimal state of health through correction of posture. We specialize in Pregnancy and Pediatric care, this way mothers and new babies have faster and easier birth experience and recovering faster after delivery. Often the whole family chooses to take care of their health through the most natural Health care possible-Chiropractic Care.

Location of Healthy Kids & Family Chiropractic

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  • Pregnancy and Pre-natal Care
  • Pediatric and Holistic Family Care
  • Neurological and Postural Correction Through Specific, Scientific Adjustment
  • Digital Imaging, On-Site (X-ray and Digital Nerve Scan- Tytron).

Our Happy Family