In transitional periods between seasons like Winter or Summer, usually in the late winter, early spring or late fall, many people experience signs and symptoms of the Cold and Flu, such as: fever, sore throat, coughing, sneezing, running nose, malaise, weakness, and headaches.

It doesn’t feel good! Understandably! But how we manage those signs and symptoms plays a crucial role for our future immune system competence.

One of the most common misconception that is presented in our society about health care is that signs and symptoms are bad. Well, before we even dive into it, I’d like to present you with this parable: “So, imagine if two people ate a poisonous Pizza and one of them experiences vomiting and diarrhea and another one is completely free of signs and symptoms. The question is: Who is sick and who is healthy?

The correct answer would be: the person who experiences symptoms is HEALTHY! Because his body is rejecting toxins, cleansing the body, and doing exactly what needs to be done to minimize negative effects of those toxins or parasites. By giving the body a chance to learn and develop the knowledge about the environment that we live in and in the future; Our body will be able to successfully fight those toxins, bacteria or viruses better and faster!

Our micro and macro environment is always changing. Our surrounding environment is very dynamic. Bacteria and viruses change faster than us. We need to constantly adapt and understand this environment and be able to survive in it. Many of those conditions are absolutely necessary to experience so that our immune cells learn about our surrounding environment and develop a proper relationship and understand how to manage living organisms around us. Most importantly, our body creates a SYMBIOTIC relationship with them.

Our immune system learns from exposure and needs an interaction with it. If we continue taking some pills and synthetic medications, we are not allowing our immune system to train properly and get stronger. By taking Anti-Biotics or other medications we alter our physiology and cancel the proper cell mediated response and slowly train our immune cells to become lazy and weak. After-all, we become fully dependent on those drugs and lotions, potions etc.

We need to understand a few major points! One is: “…we are made in Gods’ perfect image!” Genesis 1:27. Second point is that God created humans last. The reason for this is that God deposited the knowledge about the entire creation into us, that’s how our cells can identify and digest food, Neutrophils can identify bacteria, Leukocytes can detect viruses, Eosinophils fight parasites etc. Third point is “God is Good!”, if we are made in His perfect image than physiologically there is nothing bad about our creation. THROUGH SYMPTOMS WE HEAL!

Science shows people under regular chiropractic care (adjusted) have 200-400% better immune competence. That’s why many people can testify that they get sick less when they regularly visit the chiropractor!

How to support yourself during Cold and Flu Seasons:

  1. Get Adjusted at least once or twice a week! REGULARLY!
  2. Eat at least 5 different Fruits and 7 different vegetables Daily.
  3. Lemons, Ginger, and Honey are good immune system stimulants.
  4. Get plenty of sleep.
  5. Continue walking and being outside.
  6. Keep yourself well hydrated
  7. Minimize Stress. Stay in peace. Pray.
  8. Continue Training with Outdoor Physical Activities.
  9. If you have Signs and Symptoms, then take time to heal. No rush! Healing takes time!

We move the bone, God does the healing! Simple! God blessed us all!