Stress reduction Strategies:

  1. Reactive Stress Reduction include Evenings, weekends, and vacations.
  2. Proactive Stress Prevention (The Best) is the Mornings, within the working week,

The Nervous System (NS) is the MASTER system of the body that is solely responsible for control of function, healing, creation, and recreation of every cell, organ, tissue and all other body systems (digestive, reproductive, cardiovascular, endocrine, immune, psychological, and mental status).

The Nervous System perceives STRESS and has a direct effect on all organ system functions, healing, and repair.

The Spine and Skull protects the Nervous System. The Skull protects the brain and the spine protects the brain stem and spinal cord, through which all signals get delivered and distributed to ALL ORGANS.

In order for the Nervous system to function well, the Spine has to be in PERFECT ALLIGNMENT.

Causes of Stress and Subluxation:

  1. Physical: Poor sitting, standing, sleeping posture, recreational activities (sport, training), accidents, falls, and jumps. The birth process is also a major initial impact.
  2. Emotional: Mental-Spiritual. Lack of belief, faith, knowledge, fears, etc…
  3. Chemical: Pesticides, Herbicides, and GMO(Genetically Modified Organisms)

Any shift and misalignment in the spine due to the previously mentioned stresses causes a GREATLY REDUCED Nervous System Function and the ability to process stress properly. This inevitably leads to disease, dysfunction, and death.

Similarly to seeing a dentist for your teeth, the only one way to know whether or not your spine is in correct alignment and your nervous system is functioning well is to be properly examined by a Chiropractor. The examination may include postural evaluation, neurological testing, and if there are any postural asymmetry, a roentgen of your spine would be needed to properly determine its position.

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