Obtaining good balance and proprioception, which is understanding the body’s position in space, are the highest predictors/indicators for one’s quality of life. We use balance and proprioception in every conscious activity of daily living.

Balance and proprioception are highly complex neurological functions that involves CNS (Central Nervous System: the Brain and Spinal Cord), PNS (Peripheral Nervous System nerves that travel outside the spine) Sensory and Motor neurons including multiple muscles, ligaments, joints, Vestibular Apparatus in our head as well as the Visual system.

For balance to work, our sensory nerves sends millions of signals a second about our joint’s position, ligaments and muscle tensions to the brain that travels trough peripheral and central nerves for the interpretation by the Cerebellum. The same continuous stream of signals travels back through our motor neurons to our muscle to create a micro-tonal adjustment to muscle to maintain the balance while we are standing or sitting.

If we decide to move this signal stream and increase it from millions to billions signals per second; the brain has an amazing capacity to process it even without us understanding what is going on inside, until we realize something is wrong, maybe!

Here comes Subluxation!

Subluxation occurs due to physical, chemical or emotional stress from falls, recreational activities, even 5 km car accident, poor sitting, standing, sleeping posture, texting etc.  Most of the time it’s a combination of those “little” impacts. Subluxation creates nerve signal interference in Sensory or Motor nerve fibers, spinal cord, or BOTH, or all of them! The whole system goes slightly off and the person without any idea just shifts their balance from 2 – 20 kg in one side and keeps walking and living life cluelessly!

Now, everyone wants to be active and after 10 000-12 000 steps each day for 10-20 years, 365 days a year, impacting one side just by 2kg more than the other we have uneven wear and tear on one side! And it hurts and degenerates faster!

Here it comes prescription and over-the-counter meds! Steroid injections! And finally, excellent surgical procedures!

After damaging the liver, intestines, and destroying out immune system, people go for a HIP or KNEE REPLACEMENTS! Just ONE!

After protective compensation one the surgical side, one will continuously walk for another 2-5 years and the second knee and hip replacement happens! OOOPS! Than it goes to your spine surgery! I hope you got the picture!


Research show that just adjusting the neck alone improves balance by 77.4 %! Its huge! Prevents falls in elderly by 300%! Brocken femur after age of 70 increases mortality rate by 500% within 5 years!

Correction of Subluxation by a trained Chiropractor extends and protects your quality of life and longevity of years!

God Bless you by knowing that!