Our son, Valentin, was involved in gymnastics and he attended a Gymnastic Club for practices. After one of his sessions, he asked me if he can invite one of his teammates to play at our house. I answered that this is a great idea, but first we need to talk to his parents, if they are okay with it.

Surprisingly, they were from my home town in Belarus.  Later in the conversation they asked me what I do, and I said that I am a Chiropractor. They got so excited about it, because they were already chiropractic patients and their chiropractor is one my good friends.

We ended up speaking about chiropractic for hours. They had so many comments and questions, because before starting chiropractic, their health paradigm was focused on how they feel, and not really about their health. They went on talking about how many new things they learned from attending monthly seminars and workshops, reading weekly newsletters, reading research on the website, reading books from their library and how much their understanding of their health changed.

My new friend also said that their chiropractor is a very good businessman, because he does all those things to promote his practice. Right at this point my heart sank; it really hurt to hear that because I knew this chiropractor very well, and I also knew that he gave up a very successful business career for this mission being a Chiropractor and helping people to be healthier, and function to their 100% capacity. So, I said “He might be a good businessman, but he is much better Chiropractor.” Perceptions are changing reality!

Another hour went by so quickly, and we kept talking about chiropractic philosophy and why it’s different than medicine. Medicine is barely managing trauma and crisis, at best, taking signs and symptoms away that tricks people to think that if there are no symptoms then they are healthy. Which is far from the truth! Allowing people to live the same destructive lifestyle that caused their problem to begin with. Contrary, chiropractic is a lifestyle that focuses on correction and prevention of disease by reducing life threatening SUBLUXATIONS, removing the pressure form your Nervous System and allowing person to heal, function, and recreate according to God’s design.

I also explained to the family that chiropractors invest lots of time away from their families being at the seminars, training physically to adjust you, constantly researching for new and objective knowledge, preparing presentations, articles and spend money on learning new techniques. Because it requires so much time and effort, money can’t motivate to apply such effort. It can be done only through LOVE for people they serve and knowing their mission in life.

Most Family Wellness Chiropractors gain their energy and motivation through LOVE to HUMANITY.  That love allows people to have a healthier and happier life. Because Chiropractic is a healthy lifestyle, in which our nervous system controls every process in your body, healing, function, creation and re-creation.

Finally, my new friend said:” Oh my God! Only now, after being with my chiropractor for 3 years, I understand that it’s not about business, or how we feel. Chiropractic is about loving life and loving family and people around us. ”

I couldn’t express it better than him. He had quite a moment of realization.

Since my friend was a financial adviser, he asked me numerous questions about the cost of Chiropractic education, courses, seminars, conferences etc. and after 5 minutes of calculation he told me that, Chiropractors can make more money by investing in a gas or coffee selling industry.

We are not in the Money Making Business but WE ARE in A LIFE LONG MISSION of SAVING Lives by SERVING and LOVING People!

That’s what we do. Because at the end of the day, we know that you will get better and healthier! The challenge is that it is tough to understand it. Most of the time we don’t value our health while we have it, and we get deeply concerned when we lose it. Similar to our children, when we are teaching them what is the best for them, often times they don’t listen until they learn it on their own. Stop trying and START living today, through healthy diet, exercise, and natural chiropractic care! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, keeping you and your family SUBLUXATION FREE!    LOVE always WINS!

Love and God Bless!