Perform progressive muscle relaxation techniques daily, to reduce the tension in your muscles!

The goal of progressive muscle relaxation is to reduce the tension in your muscles. First, find a quiet place where you’ll be free from interruption. Loosen tight clothing and remove your glasses or contacts if you’d like. Tense each muscle group for at least five seconds and then relax for at least 30 seconds. Repeat before moving on to the next muscle group.

– Face: Squint your eyes tightly, wrinkle your nose and mouth, Clench your teeth, and pull back the corners of your mouth toward your ears, feeling the tension in the center of your face. Relax. Repeat.

– Neck: Gently touch your chin to your chest. Feel the pull in the back of your neck as it spreads into your head. Relax. Repeat.

– Shoulders: Pull your shoulders up toward your ears, feeling the tension in your shoulders, head, neck and upper back. Relax. Repeat.

– Upper arms: Pull your arms back and press your elbows in toward the sides of your body. Try not to tense your lower arms. Feel the tension in your arms, shoulders and into your back. Relax. Repeat.

– Hands and forearms: Make a tight fist and pull up your wrists. Feel the tension in your hands, knuckles and lower arms. Relax. Repeat.

– Chest, shoulders and upper back: Pull your shoulders back as if you’re trying to make your shoulder blades touch. Relax. Repeat.

– Stomach: Pull your stomach in toward your spine, tightening your abdominal muscles. Relax. Repeat.

– Upper legs: Squeeze your knees together and lift your legs up off the chair or from wherever you’re relaxing. Feel the tension in your thighs. Relax. Repeat.

– Lower legs: Raise your feet toward the ceiling while flexing them toward your body. Feel the tension in your calves. Relax. Repeat.

– Feet: Turn your feet inward and curl your toes up and out. Relax. Repeat.

Perform progressive muscle relaxation at least once or twice each day to get the maximum benefit. Each session should last about ten minutes.

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