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October 2017
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Pediatric & Family Chiropractor.
We Love You, Because God Loved Us First!

People with Humility!

People with humility don’t think less of themselves … they just think about themselves less.   Great people are not consumed by their own importance.  When they succeed, they’re happy – particularly if they performed well.  When they fail, they’re not happy – but they are able to put that behind them.   Fear and [...]

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Over-learning: To be effective, A team needs to practice perfection!

Have you ever watched a real pro-team perform? Have you ever watched a superstar play basketball, football, tennis or baseball? Have you ever heard a great speaker? Doesn’t it look easy? Doesn’t it look effortless?   Well, it seems that way because the people whom you’re watching have trained hard to get to that level. [...]

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“Another Milestone”!

Is it just me, or do you feel a building of the vitalistic consciousness in society? I see it in my practice each and every day. I hear it from colleagues from coast to coast, and both sides of the border, Europe and "Down Under". For anyone paying attention, it is becoming increasingly obvious that [...]

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Make sure everyone knows what the target is!

“Winning is a bi-product of hard work – doing your best every day, every week, every year.  From the moment I started coaching the Miami Dolphins in 1970, my day to day plan was very specific. I wanted to make certain that my team came out of every meeting a little more intelligent than when [...]

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“…Whoever sows generously will also reap generously!”

If you are a mom or a dad, who is reading this newsletter, or even just a person who had any interaction with kids, you may appreciate the complexity of birth, delivery, up-bringing and development of children. I am always a fascinated by children. There is so much more to birth and growth and development [...]

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Living is Breathing!

Exercise 1: The Stimulating Breath The Stimulating Breath is adapted from a yogic breathing technique. Its aim is to raise vital energy and increase alertness. Inhale and exhale rapidly through your nose, keeping your mouth closed but relaxed. Your breaths in and out should be equal in duration, but as short as possible. This is [...]

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The best age to be adjusted?

The answer is easy: the earlier the better! I received my first adjustment at the age of 6. And immediately after my first adjustment I could take a full breath into my lungs. At this point, I thought that I was just as every other kid around me. One thing I didn’t know that I [...]

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Reaching Goals!

One of the most exciting things that we see is that you are healing all the time, without even thinking or knowing about it. We also know that most chiropractic patients are here for a reason, because you know that what you do is so important, keeping your nervous system fully alive. Chiropractic lifestyle encompasses [...]

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Now You Know Another Way!

Last week, my wife Natasha met a lady from Edmonton and they had a conversation about C-Section and medical system. Within the conversation, Natasha explained to that person why and how birth process is one of the major causes of subluxation. Every child or newborn must  be screened for subluxations as soon as possible. Another [...]

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Small Things Are Large!

Small Things Are Large! A slip on the snowy sidewalk, in winter, is a small thing.  It happens to millions. A fall from a ladder, in the summer, is a small thing.  That also happens to millions. The slip or fall produces a subluxation.  The subluxation is a small thing. The subluxation produces pressure on [...]

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“It’s Not About You…”

“It’s not about you…”   Rick Warren. Author of “Purpose Driven Life”   In the Bible Jesus talks about THE LIGHT within us that must shine. It is not our light, but we have a choice to shine or not to shine. To shine and guide ourselves and other people from darkness to light. I [...]

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Story continued… “Sharpening Focus”!

Last week we posted a newsletter that I wrote in 2010. Thank you for your immediate concerns and it’s really shows that you are reading newsletters and engaged in life. It’s really awesome to see that the whole world goes in “summer” mode by checking- out from life, but here all people at Healthy Kids [...]

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Stress impacts your health!

“Stress”, this is one of the most heard words in common social vocabulary, and still not many know how it impacts our health and how to overcome it.   Chronic physical, chemical and emotional stress is the biggest contributor for developing serious conditions such as cardio-vascular diseases and cancer. Interestingly enough that those stressors are [...]

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The Freight Train!

Every once in a while, a practice member will ask us when a certain symptom or complaint will begin to resolve.  Even though they understand that they are here to facilitate the process of regaining function, re-establishing their brain-body connection and then growing consistently stronger each day, they still have some concerns about when they [...]

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I personally love summer, so much fun and the joy associated with this season, cottage, and vacationing, fishing, gardening, barbecue, family and friends time. But what I observed that this is the time when my focus is challenged and I pay extra attention to any destructions of my purpose/vision/goal in life.   So it’s concluded [...]

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Reports, Actions & Vision!

In this newsletter we would love to share with you a bit of specific observation. After you have an examination with x-ray, doctors invite you in for the report of your examination. There are 3 main reasons for this specific meeting: First and foremost is to report to you on the progress that you are [...]

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Antigua and Barbuda, mission trip Report.

Big thanks to Marlene and Vernon for their hospitality for their effort to make this trip successful and also comfortable and joyful for me. Big thanks to Dr. Humphreys (MD in Antigua) and Dr. Mallin (MD, Dean of College of Medicine in American University of Antigua) for their effort founding time in theirs busy schedule [...]

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