Vision is a picture of the future that produces passion for your life.”
Bill Hybels

What picture would you choose?


  • Live less that 80 years
  • Of those 80 years, suffer from disease
  • 1/2 die of heart disease
  • 1/3 die of cancer
  •  50% of women will have a hysterectomy before 55
  • By 65, will be taking 13 different prescription drugs
  • Spend all your savings on a retirement home and Personal Support Worker (PSW)
  • 90% disability rate (unable for independent living) in the last 5 years of life
  • Dying in “ Nursing Homes” & Hospitals form sickness and diseases.

Gets adjusted all their life

  • Live 80-120 years
  • Will have fewer ear infections, colds or flu
  • Will have healthier senior years and drastically reduce the rate of heart disease (as much as 15x lower)
  • Cancer rates may be close to 100x lower (survey done in Jan 2000, Chicago)
  • 4000x less stroke
  • 25x less meds use
  • Less asthma
  • Less diabetes
  • Less kidney failure
  • Less liver problems
  • 90% Living independently
  • 3x better quality of life after 65
  • Enjoying your retirement savings

Do you get the picture yet?

Specific, Scientific, Principled, Chiropractic adjustments will radically improve the future of those who keep their spine and nervous system optimized for a lifetime. For how long are we planning to use our spines and brain (nervous system)? Adjustments feed the brain. What the future holds for you is in your hands today!  Know the truth, and it will set you free.

The picture I have for my future, is to be at my great grand kids’ wedding, in great health and enjoying every moment!  I will never get there if I don’t keep getting adjusted each week.  I can run 100 marathons, eat an organic diet, take the greatest supplements and have loving relationships. However, I will still die early without principled, specific, chiropractic adjustments that allows my nervous system to function on a higher level.  I know that for a fact, I’ve tried without it.

The power that runs my body flows over my nerves.  The power that runs your body flows over your nerves. We need power to manifest our dreams. Without this power, the picture might be great but never become a reality. And what is our dreams worth if they never become real? Action is needed. You deserve not only a great picture, but also a great reality!  Keep getting adjusted and if anyone questions your decision and commitment, then show them this list above.

Chiropractic families are the healthiest families on the planet! Chiropractic patients are the happiest and most successful people on Earth! They are also the most proactive towards their health! Those facts are most ignored from current media and social attention.