In the book, “A Shepherd Look’s at the 23rd Psalm,” the author, Phillip Kellar, who tended sheep for his family business in Africa, discusses the duties of a good shepherd. He writes that because a sheep’s wool can hide a multitude of scratches, cuts, and parasites, the shepherd’s duty at the beginning and end of each day is to carefully and lovingly examine each sheep to make sure that there is no hidden wound that might later become infected. He writes that only careless shepherds just turn their animals out to graze without daily inspections, and they usually suffer for it when the animals get sick, drop weight, or injure themselves.

People do themselves well to quickly rid themselves of the notion that this world consists of normal people. You will recognize over time that even the most “normal” among us are beset by fears, failings, childhood traumas, feelings of inadequacy, or other dark clouds. You never can tell just by looking at someone on the surface what his/her heart holds inside.
Laurie Beth Jones

What you see on the outside is what people want you to see. Underneath is the real person. Many of the things people say and do (the crazy things) are simply covers hiding some past hurt or fear. It is in corporate boardrooms, church services and neighbor’s homes. We would do well to keep this in mind because it is in my life and your life too.

Health is exactly the same. The current system of “health” has focused on the management of symptoms (covering things up). This is only a patch and doesn’t get to the root of the problem. It’s like a shepherd never looking past the wool.

Our bodies are incredible at healing as long as there is no interference. Subluxation interferes with the nerve system and chokes off the spinal cord (life line). Dr look deeper than your ‘wool’ to see the scratches, cuts and parasites (Subluxation) that are life threatening.

Sometimes when you’re told what’s going on in your body, the defenses and ‘covers’ want to come back (the crazy things) and people deny or minimize the reality of subluxation. Things are said like “it’s not that bad” or “it’s just a little off.” There is no “little” subluxation; pressure on your life line is relentless and dangerous.

Dr is here to help. God has given us an incredible thing called chiropractic to restore your physical hurts and injuries, and it usually takes a long time – these scratches, cuts and parasites have been there for years and many go deep, very deep.

We are here and we will help. If you find your crazy things are causing you to question your decision to be here, don’t worry, that’s normal. There are several ways we can help:

  • Show you your x-ray’s again, the reality is still there.
  • Pray for, or with you. Fear and doubt happens when you are about to make the greatest breakthroughs in your life.
  • Listen to the story again – you can always come back to the Doctors Report so you can hear the reasons why you’re here.

Never give up. Never give up……………..Never give up. Never!

You are Too Precious!