One of the most exciting things that we see is that you are healing all the time, without even thinking or knowing about it. We also know that most chiropractic patients are here for a reason, because you know that what you do is so important, keeping your nervous system fully alive.

Chiropractic lifestyle encompasses other aspects of healthy living such as proper nutrition and exercises. And we are here to help you to reach that maximum potential that you have for life. It’s exciting and extremely rewarding reaching any health goal. Here are some strategies that helped us, doctors, to stay on the pathway to health at all times.

Start from yourself. Start doing what you think is healthy for your health ex. Regular exercises, nutritional modifications, meditate, pray etc. you may ask “How can you do it?”

  1. Create the vision for yourself for different life decades. What would you like to be doing when you are 20-30-40-50-60-70-80-90-100 years old?
  2. Be realistic. Be generous in your dreaming.
  3. Believe in your vision that you can make it by writing it down in your journal.
  4. Develop a plan with specific, tangible, realistic and measurable goals.
  5. Put it in your schedule as most important things.
  6. Just Do IT! Baby steps are allowed and welcomed in this process.

The hardest person to train and change is me. I am constantly working on my selfgrowth and reminding myself that everything is possible “I will do my best- God will do the rest!” It is much easier is to do it if you have a support around you. “How can you do it?”

  1. Share your goals and visions with others.
  2. Find people who likes your ideas and would like to do similar life improvement.
  3. Offer them to do it together.
  4. Don’t look for approval, they’re your goals not theirs.
  5. Don’t argue if someone if they not supporting you “Ask them about their goals?” most likely they have none.
  6. Find accountability partner.

Reward yourself for reaching your goals, even small ones.

  1. Make a reward for each goal that allows you to be focused.
  2. If you don’t reach your goal give it away to your accountability partner, church, charity etc.
  3. Train in pain and step into discomfort at all  times. This way you will be able to achieve your best potential faster.

Always set new goals as soon as you reach one.

…….. I will give to everyone according to what he has done.
Revelation 22:11-13