“I have been living with back pain for 35 years. Sometimes to the point that I would be out for days at a time and always having a bottle of pain killers near by so that I could function. For the last 20 years I have been wearing a {back-belt}, because that was the only thing that kept my back somewhat straight. Since starting my adjustments with Chiropractor, I am now more flexible and able to do stretching exercises (and actually get up off the floor after doing the exercises without blowing out my back). No more need for back-belt as my muscles are getting stronger. I have fewer and fewer back pain “days off” (once or twice in the past year). Now if I am experiencing back pain, I do not need to reach for the bottle of pills, I am able to recover much quicker. No more headaches! Have been taking medication for high blood pressure for many years and since starting adjustments, I am coming off the medication! Thankful for this new beginning in my life!” Sergey G.