Mom and daughter decided to give it a “try”, when they first heard about our clinic on WDCX. We are so excited for this family! Since starting their care, they have had many “aha” moments and because it’s changed their lives so much, they keep sharing the good news with their friends and family!

“Since I started Chiropractic Care, I can sleep much better! No more sleepless nights!! I think better, I have more energy and am less angry! Within just a few weeks of starting my adjustments, I was able to go for a long walk for the first time in years!” Laleter L.

“My mom heard about Healthy Kids & Family Chiropractic on WDCX, the Radio Station. Was sceptic as nothing I was doing was helping me. Now I have less headaches, less knee pain. I am able to do more with stamina and more energy.” Larretta R.