It was great to share time with some of you at our 10th Annual Compassion Christmas Dinner! We are grateful for you being in the mission with us: TO TOUCH, TRANSFORM & SAVE AS MANY LIVES AS POSSIBLE! We know that you have a huge HEART for people!

2019 was an amazing year. Babies were born, people got married, and many lives were touched, transformed and even saved this year through your referrals, locally and globally.  

During this Holiday season we would love to help as many families, friends, neighbors and ANYONE IN YOUR HEART as we can, by giving them a gift of health valued at $320 towards their chiropractic care. This is a Compassion Christmas Gift of Health!

How Does It Work?

If you got the scroll at the Christmas Party, please fill it out and bring it back to us by December 20th. If you missed it, don’t worry, on this week’s center newsletter there is a special form that you can fill out and hand in to us. For them to receive this gift, we need to know Your name, their NAMES, PHONE # and EMAIL. We will send them this gift via EMAIL!

What Do People Get?

They get a Card / Email Gift Certificate for a Complete, Comprehensive Spinal Examination with X-ray and full Report with recommendations on how to improve their health! (Value of $320)

The Office Goal

To have every person in our office to bless at least 2 people in the community. You can bless a friend, a coach, a teacher, a pastor or anyone in your heart! Let’s transform 2 lives each!

The Overall Goal

Overall goal is to improve the quality of life of people in our community. And at the same time, we are donating $20 for every new person walking through our doors to release children from poverty around the world.

Gifting continues until December 20, 2019. People can start using the Christmas Gift of Health in January to February 2020.

Let God’s Light shine through you!

God wants our hearts! Together we can make a significant difference in someone’s life!