Here is an amazing story from my life. I knew Anna since 2004.  By 2012, I was sending Anna Christmas Gift of Health cards for 4 years in a row. Anna was getting this card and totally ignoring it year after year. Meanwhile, she was going from doctor to doctor looking for a solution to her health problems. Anna also had headaches and couldn’t raise her hands past 90 degrees.  Anna was told that nothing can be done about it, “this is just due to her age” and “you need to get used to pain” taking painkillers for the rest of her life. Finally, in 2012, she decided to take advantage and use her Christmas Gift of Health.

Now Anna lives headache free, able to raise hands and praise the Lord, pain-free and wearing high heels shoes that she couldn’t wear for years. Other aspects of Anna’s health improved, and she got her life back. Maybe it could be the story of one of your friends or family members.

I am encouraging you NOT to give up on people, even if you gave them a Christmas Gift of Health Card last year!

In this time of year, it seems that we are bombarded with an endless list of appointments, tasks, duties and commitments. Life can become busy. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and uninterested. The Compassion Christmas Gift of Health Card can be one of those inconveniences, just another thing to do.

However, the Compassion Christmas Gift of Health Card can save someone’s life and is a gift of hope. This Christmas, please help us by sending a Compassion Christmas Gift of Health Card to your family, friends and neighbors. In fact, many patients send Compassion Cards to their entire Christmas card list. We will do all the work, it doesn’t cost you anything and we even pick up the postage.

Compassion Christmas Gift of Health Card is a Gift Certificate of $320 value for people towards chiropractic care at our office and offices that we refer. It is transferable to anyone. Just fill out the form at the back of this letter and hand it to the front desk and we will take care of the rest. It‘s easy, you may transform or save their life.

God can take that one small action step and multiply it. If you act, God can increase your actions. Just like when a boy gave his small portion of two fish and five loaves of bread to Jesus and Jesus multiplied it to feed over five thousand people with lots of leftovers.

God and People need YOUR HEARTS!

Send a Card, Safe a Life!