Most people come to our office because they had some kind of health problem and after a series of adjustments, the problem becomes less and most of the time completely goes away. Some people came because they did not feel any obvious issue due to lack of signs and symptoms and then they receive adjustments and life just somehow becomes better. Some people feel nothing before they came, and some people feel nothing after the adjustments. The coolest part in all of this, is that there are still amazing positive changes happening inside as a result of restoring perfect alignment.

We are all made perfect, and even before humans failed, God used to show up in the garden of Eden, every day, and check up on Adam and Eve. Why is that?  Why do we need teachers? Why do we need pastors? Why do we need schools? Why do we need chiropractic care?  I believe, because we live in imperfect world. So, it is all about alimenting our lives to something better.

Education gives academic alignment. Faith gives spiritual alignment. Chiropractic gives physical alignment. Alignment brings us closer to the divine power, closer to the perfect power of God, perfect state, and closer to our purpose.

So, how do we continuously GROW in our lives? God designed us to continuously grow, learn, improve, adapt and become closer to Him. That search of this perfect relationship with God through Jesus happens from moment to moment, day by day. Often, we go through problems, challenges and lows. Those moments are called DIPs. The DIP is the lowering in our progress. Have you ever been in a DIP? Mental, Spiritual, Physical? Here are some good and bad news:

The Bad news is that we all sometime in our life experience THE DIP. The good news is that often we experience GROWTH after DIPs:

Here are 3 types of DIPs:

  1. DIP of disobedience. It’s when we know what we need to do and are not doing it, for whatever reason. Everybody has some kind of excuse for disobedience. The exit from this DIP is REPENT.
  2. Dum-Dum DIP. It’s when we do something without council. The council that I mostly refer to is God’s council, bible, or people who are more advanced than us. I know that He has a plan and we all have some kind of purpose but sometimes we truly make stupid moves. The exit from there is to SEARCH FOR COUNCIL!
  3. Divine DIP. This one I love the most! Because God brings us to the point where we think it’s all over. That we think that this is it. No more left! Nowhere to go! Nothing to do. And then He steps in and brings us to the level where we have never dreamed to be. This is the most amazing DIP! That’s when we can feel God’s presence the most! That is the DIP of divine appointments with the Father God! This DIP is where we learn the most, grow the most, care the most and are alert the most!

So how do we get to the place where God wants us to be? How do we grow? How do we serve God through our purpose? How do we live our lives by His divine design? There are also 3 steps involved:

  1. Receive the knowledge, council, and adjustment. Out of respect and obedience.
  2. Remember the promises that God gives to us. Remember DIPs that we went through and remember how those DIPs brought us to the higher level or at least saved you from complete failure. Remember those losses of health, vitality, wealth, relationships etc.
  3. Respond!  This is probably the most important step, because it requires action on our end. Humbleness, humility, repentance, and respond on God’s calling! So, when we receive the calling or purpose, we are responsible to respond. This will bring the best possible fruits in your life! Remember, God is always calling us to something greater, to something GOOD! Our responses will bring us Health! Vitality! Wisdom! Happiness! Joy! Relationship! Wealth! Yes, God wants us to have all of those in the greatest measure! AND use it for the GOOD of OTHERS, yes, including wealth!

In order to get the most out of our lives we need to focus on actions, rather than on DIPs. RECEIVE – REMEMBER – RESPOND! Just focus on Him and everything will be alright!

Remember God did not design us to quit, He designed us to LIVE LIFE to HIS FULLNESS! A Healthy HAPPY Life!

Stay well adjusted. Alignment brings you closer to His divine power! This is Huge, at least for me.