Firstly, I would like to share that not one day has gone by in the practice when we are faced with this question again and again.  Even worse, there is rarely a week that goes by when someone doesn’t stop care. People simply giving up on themselves! Please note, they don’t give up chiropractic, or me, or Healthy Kids or anybody else in this case! They GIVE UP ON THEMSELVES! That just kills me! It hurts to even think about it!

Before I begin, let me reveal the reality of the whole world! And I am sure that you will agree with me!

  • Every single person wants to be healthy!
  • Everybody wants to have great relationships! (God, Spouse, Kids, Friends)
  • Everybody wants to succeed their professional and personal life!
  • The whole medical community is breaking their teeth to make any progress in sickness prevention! (Cancer cure, Vaccination, Surgeries Techniques, Supplements, Fitness industry etc.)
  • Everyone understands that there is nothing more valuable than health, second to Salvation, thank you Jesus!

Yet, millions of people miss the whole point! Yet, it’s not them, they just fall under the Satan’s yolk. They listen to the same wrong thought in their heads that made them sick and fail in the previous years. And the same story plays in health, in relationships, in careers, and in every aspect of their life. I only wonder, even if God’s dying on the cross is not enough, what else are we waiting for? What else?

The answer is simple, we need to get engaged and empowered by all those FACTS!

We have a high responsibility for our own lives! No one else! WE DO!

Being adjusted for life is one of the Biggest PRIVILLAGES! It’s a gift that allows us to get involved and change our FUTURE! God is on Our side!

This is the Gods’ given opportunity to not only restore disease naturally, but also do something to prevent and reverse further degeneration.

I am so grateful for the opportunity that God opens to us that we have actual knowledge and ability to HEAL, FUNCTION, and RECREATE according to Gods prefect image!

It’s always easy to believe in defeat. It’s actually very comfortable to accept the victimhood model and blame genes, doctors, environment, enemy, family, parents, “Big Pharma”, government, poverty, circumstances, employer, economy, and all our challenges. We need to accept responsibility of our life and act to influence the IMPACT of those previously mentioned elements.

The reality is that there are billions of people on earth that can take our challenges and be willing to take them as blessings:

  • A single person would love to have your spouse!
  • Unemployed, would love to have your job!
  • Some people in China, would love to have our environment!
  • An orphan would love to have our parents!
  • Infertile person would love to have your child!

I am so excited that we have this unique opportunity to be able be adjusted for life!

I am excited to know that God breathed Life into you and me! That the same power that makes the universe survive for that long is the same power IN YOU AND ME!

Also, it’s so easy to get used to the idea that it becomes “obvious” and the appreciation is lost for it. Get on the quest to search for another “silver bullet” or “magic quick fix!” There is none.

Stay strong and love every moment and look forward to what God has in store for you!

I am just getting more and more excited just to write about it and envision it for you and me!


Love and Peace,