William Harvey Lillard was the first chiropractic patient. He was adjusted the first time in September 1985, and his hearing loss, due to an accident 17 years prior meeting Dr. D.D. Palmer, was successfully restored.

He continued his chiropractic care and kept his hearing till the day he died.

I know I am not alone, most people want to build on the holistic consciousness of society, sickness, and being drug-free. I see it in our practice each and every day. I hear it from colleagues from coast to coast, and both sides of the border, Europe and “Down Under”. For anyone paying attention, it is becoming increasingly obvious that people aren’t simply looking for a natural treatment for an acute pain syndrome, but are searching for a HEALTH system of care to improve their ability to live their lives to the fullest!

And the cool thing is that we’ve had the capacity to deliver what people are looking for since 1895! That’s OVER 100 years of “Turning on the Power Within!”

I want to take a moment to thank DD Palmer for being open to allowing his “A-Ha” moment when he adjusted Harvey Lillard. I want to take a moment to thank BJ Palmer for relentlessly refining the analysis and adjustment, not to mention tirelessly promoting our “new way of thinking”. I want to take a moment to thank the thousands of early pioneers who risked so very much for the early growth of our profession (especially those who went to jail, and even more so, those who died for the right to practice chiropractic in a manner that followed the “33 Principles”).

But most of all, I want to take a moment to thank you… for carrying the torch of the “Sacred Trust” given to us all by those who went before us.

(September 18) Happy Chiropractic Birthday, my friends! May peace and health be the ultimate reward for all our efforts and minimize suffering of sick and prevent healthy people from becoming sick!

The power that made the body, HEALS THE BODY. It happens no other way.

  1. J. Palmer

Thank God for giving us the living power by breathing life into us! And thank you for the healing and restoration of our souls and bodies!

Blessings to all,