Good health serves as one of life’s most treasured assets. Healthy life gives you freedom in life, where, what, when, and how you want to do something in your life. No matter what you choose to do, serving God, family, friends, people, travel, doing sports, mission trips or even running a successful enterprise. Good health is the one of the most important ingredients along with good faith, good ideas, knowledge, creativity, passion, and hardworking ethics is the key to a successful life. God wants us to have successful lives so that we can glorify Him more and more!

Norway ran this amazing research comparing the quality of life and noticed that people who take continuous – proactive approach to health, through long-term chiropractic maintenance program experience significantly better OVERALL health than those who did not use regular chiropractic care.

But often we match our most valuable assets-HEALTH, with someone else’s values, Insurance Coverage, Benefits, OHIP, people’s opinions, income etc.!



According to OHIP statistics:

-100% of population at some point of their life complained about neck or low back pain!

– Neck and Low Back Pain is the #1 disability related factor!

How much is our health worth?

Insurance industry, Medical marketing, and Pharmaceutic economists estimates that every HUMAN being in North America will spend $250 000 – 1 000 000 investment for SICK CARE- SYMPTOMATIC AND DISEASE CARE by the time of death, MINIMUM!

If on average, a person’s weight is 90 kg then HUMAN flesh value is somewhere between $2 777- 11 000 per KG! This is to pay just to EXIST- NOT TO LIVE! This is not taking in to consideration a potential LOSS due to HEALTH LOSS!

How do they PLAN to get this money?

#1 Tactic: Teaching us to stay comfortable- Do nothing. “Your annual medical check-up is good!” And keep doing what you’ve always done, grinding the life, slowly getting tired- dying!

#2 Tactic: Teaching us that we can wait until we feel symptoms than do something to eliminate symptoms (Medication, Physio, Chiro, Massage, Surgeries, Acupuncture, Osteopathy etc.)

They even suggest seeing a Chiropractor, NOW! “As long as my Health Care is FREE (someone pays for it) than maybe I will do it, until the pain goes away!”. What is that teaching our society? That we WORTH NOTHING! We worth $0! Not even per KG! This is not God! Our God tells us that we are valuable! We are the most prized possession in God’s eyes! If God owns all gold and diamonds, then our value is worth the weight of Gold and Diamonds combined!

#3 Tactic: “You got bad genes. Nothing you can do about it.” They dis-power, dis-able, and dis-motivate our society to do anything about their lives and health, promoting dis-ease and disease.

Yes, we had bad and GOOD genes and based on what we work on, it will EXPRESS accordingly! It’s called Epigenetics, when life choices activate or suppress genetic expression! Good choices -good genes activated, bad choices bad genes activated!


Chiropractic maintenance care allows your BRAIN and Nervous System to function well, to have less stress and pressure on your spine and spinal cord!

Allowing us to HEAL, FUNCTION, and RECREATE according to God’s plan! Enjoy healing naturally and being well for life! TO LIVE LIFE WELL!

And you deserve it and are totally worth it!