“I ask people all the time, “Given the amount of time in your day (and life), would you rather spend that time being significant or ordinary? What do you think they say? They shout out, “Significant!” And yet are most of the people in life performing significantly? Of course not. And a key reason is the self-fulfilling prophecy that starts in leaders, managers, coaches, and parents’ heads, with the belief that most people are lazy, unreliable, and irresponsible. This belief plays out in how they treat people, and ultimately in how these people perform.

Is there any wonder that Don Shula was successful in getting the most out of people? His over-learning system demanded high performance from his players. His expectation of his coaches – and even of the referees – kept them constantly “performing up.” He was always demanding of himself and others.”

– Ken Blanchard

Here at Healthy Kids & Family Chiropractic, we have made a commitment to you to provide the most up to date, effective, and life transforming chiropractic care and life coaching you cannot receive anywhere else. Not because we’re something special but because you’re something special!

We view life as a gift from God. The way we live our lives is our gift to Him. This is not an original thought to us. To live a great life, you need great health.

Before you knew about chiropractic, you would wait to feel pain symptoms before you prioritized your health. This has been the way North American’s are trained. Then they are trained to take some minimal set of steps to mask the symptoms of the true problem – subluxation. I’m here to tell you that you’re better than that. Your life is worth more than that level of thinking. High performance living requires high performance thinking and high-performance coaching. Your quality of life depends on it.

I also tell you that LIVING HEALTHY LIFE IS UNCOMFORTABLE! Training in pain! Stepping in the fear! Change nutritional habits! Love unconditionally! Invest in yourself, time and money, without knowing the future! But the reward is HUGE! Abundant LIFE in all aspects!

It’s not a secret why people are dying early and living far below their potential. It’s their level of thinking. Think and do things that will give you the best possible life and God will multiply it 30-60-100 folds, beyond your imagination!

Best blessings in everything,