“11 No discipline is enjoyable while it is happening—it’s painful! But afterward there will be a peaceful harvest of right living for those who are trained in this way.”  Hebrews 12:11

For many years I personally struggled with this concept. How can Discipline can be Freedom? Until I learned that Anarchy is not Freedom, Democracy is not Freedom either!

Naturally it is hard to enjoy discipline.  It is hard to go to gym. It is hard to eat organic, fresh vegetables and fruits at all times. It is hard to remind yourself to have extra glass of water rather than coffee. It is hard to get family together and go to church. It is hard to convince family and friends to get a Chiropractic check-up and hard to bring teenagers in the office for their adjustments.  It is even harder when we have to pay for all of it.

Discipline, Training and Changes are hard for everyone!

Hebrew 12:11 was written about TWO THOUSAND years ago. They had the same problems back than!!!!

SO the “peaceful harvest of right living is/are”:

  • When you go to gym, you get stronger. It gives Freedom from STRAINS and SPRAINS, arthritis, physical weakness, ability to work and play.
  • When you eat healthy organic food. It gives Freedom from constipation and toxicity. Possibility to have better building material for your internal healing and function. Clear thinking.
  • When you get your family adjusted. It is freedom form dis-ease, disease, sickness and malfunction. Gives you an opportunity to be physically God’s creation the way He decided you to be. Perfect creation. Freedom from interference-subluxation.
  • Result being Happy and Healthy, Physically, Chemically, Emotionally!

“…who are trained in this way…”  Training requires REPETITION! It is a constant and continuous act of improvement of your abilities to become better in something. Adjustment is the training of the nervous system to be healthy. Exercises help to maintain adjustment and posture.

For how long do we want to be happy and healthy?

 You have choice. But I think, for as long as we are alive we need to focus on growth and development. I hope you have the same answer for your life. Harvest is beautiful and it’s worth it!