Having multiple conversations a week with different people, I came to the conclusion that most of us have a hard time understanding God’s concept of “what we have is today, only.”

Today, is when we have to act.

We can’t eat healthy food for yesterday!

We can’t exercise for yesterday!

We can’t pray for yesterday!

We can’t brush our teeth for yesterday!

We can’t get adjusted for yesterday!

We might try to catch up ASAP, but it is usually really hard and not as effective as it should be!

Often what helps me to be motivated in doing many good things for myself, my family, and others, is the similar concept of a Bank Account.

I like to call it a “Health Bank Account.”

Every day, we need to withdraw something from our actual bank account to get by for the day, whether it is food, heat in the house, electricity, water, gas, clothes, taxes, etc. And if you don’t deposit anything into your bank account, eventually it will get very low and over-drafted, it may even lead to a complete bankruptcy.

Our health is no different! God gave us a deposit in our “Health Bank Account” out of His pure grace, mercy and love. SO! How are we taking care of this balance on a daily basis? It will depend on the daily activities. It is pretty simple!

In a material world, you can win the lottery, you can get an inheritance, etc, so you can restore it fast, occasionally (some slim chances do exist). Less than 1% chance.

In Health, those chances do NOT exist! Anyone who wants to be well, dance with their grandchildren, run on the beach, swim, jump or even at 70 years old, walk with their spouse and get some groceries; needs to do something everyday just to preserve this capacity. And if we want to improve anything, then we need to work extra hard to multiply everyday! Today!

None of us are born marathon runners, champions, educated, and live to 120 years without doing anything.

the challenge is that everyday we withdrew from our “Health Bank Account” naturally.

In this reality, we need to learn how to deposit in our “Health Bank Account” more than we withdrew, today, everyday!

Every day, try to improve your nutrition!

Every day, do some general exercises!

Every day, I suggest praying (or find time for peace of mind) meditation, etc.

Every day, practice daily hygiene.

Every day, do your DENNEROLL exercise! If you need it! And At least, get adjusted once a week!

We can only do those things today in hope and faith for a better tomorrow!

And the only way we don’t deposit in our

“Health Bank Account” is because we get messed up ourselves or by other messed up people:

  • got destructed, “busy”
  • lost vision for our future
  • forgot the purpose of life
  • don’t appreciate God’s gift to us “health”
  • messed up our priorities
  • lost value for our life and relationships

Make a schedule for daily “Health Deposits”!

We only have Today! Make it count!

God never promised that life will be easy, but He promised that everything in life is possible with Him!