Asthma, ear infections and antibiotic use.  In a survey of 100 families bringing children to chiropractors and 100 families bringing kids to medical pediatricians, it was revealed that the “chiropractic” children had a lesser incidence of asthma, ear infections and less antibiotic use than the “medical” children. (1)

 Panic attacks.  A 52-year-old female diagnosed with long-standing panic attacks had used prescribed antidepressants and tranquilizers, underwent counseling and relaxation training – all to no benefit. Chiropractic examination revealed areas of upper and mid cervical, upper and mid thoracic and right sacroiliac subluxations.  The patient’s blood pressure was 182/102, pulse rate 120 beats/minute during an attack, however four minutes after an adjustment her BP would drop to 140/80 and her pulse to 76 beats/minute. After beginning chiropractic care she had been free of panic attacks for more than two months, which is the best she had been in years. (2) Her correction continues.

 Failure to thrive. “The child should be examined for vertebral subluxation as a source of physiological dysfunction, as early as possible” (3)

The evidences are overwhelming.  When the nervous system functions at 100% we will be well and we will have our best shot at a great, healthy life!

Chiropractic in 2018 works the same as it was working in 1895 and will continue working forever with the same God’s design and according to fundamental principles “God breathed life into the nostrils of man and made it in his perfect image.” Living, loving, healing, beings!

Chiropractors are working with the body rather than against it. Medicine, although effective in crisis and trauma, are treating symptoms creating more problems by letting those health issues become chronic without correcting the cause. This is working against God’s design and will result in disease, suffering, and death.

Remember, all people can benefit from chiropractic care. Feel free to forward these studies to others.

Here is the truth, share it, because it is right, not because it’s easy.  And it gives you, your family, and other people a chance for a better life!