As many of you know, we are constantly updating our knowledge to serve you better. In one of the seminars that I attended, Dr. Dan Sullivan presented multiple recent research studies associated with the spine and the nervous system with human health. This week, I will share results of just one of them. More is coming in the future!

I was literally crying thinking of how easily people choose the wrong way. I mean stopping their adjustments; stopping the correction of their spines, and how devastating it can be to their future. This is hardcore evidence that is shocking to me!

In 2013, Journal of Gerontology published study results assessing the quality of life people had with Subluxations visible on the side view neck x-ray. The conclusions were:

  1. EVEN 1 millimeter displacement forward from normal declines every aspect of health of those individuals. EVEN 1 millimeter! EVEN 1 millimeter! EVEN1 millimeter! EVEN 1 millimeter! EVEN 1 millimeter! EVEN 1 millimeter! I hope it’s clear.
  2. This 1 millimeter increases chances of DISABILITY by 346%! Again 1 millimeter increases the chance of future disability by 346%!

Now let’s do the math!

1 mm– increases chances of disability by 346%!

2 mm– increases chances of disability by 692%!

3 mm– increases chances of disability by 1038%! That means a 10 times more chance of disability with abnormal neck alignment vs. normal!

In this particular case, 16.8 mm forward displacement probability of future disability is HIGHER by 5812%, which is 58 times more!

It is totally crazy! I am so blessed to know this is, because, as for you and FOR ME TOO, it’s a big REALITY CHECK! This is simple risk management. Don’t be afraid! This is just a reality. Know the truth and the truth will set you FREE… Possibly from disability too… from sickness and dis-ease!

I don’t care how often, how much, how…whatever… but I want to get my spine perfectly aligned! Because 20 years from now I don’t want to find myself using a walker or etc…

Health is a choice and the Opportunity is NOW!


Dr. Dmitri Sokolov