Thank you for your support and encouragement of me in completion of IronMan Muskoka70.3. I am grateful to you and my family, my chiropractor and my coaches and everyone who helped me to utilize God’s given potential and gifts to my best ability. It was the hardest physical, emotional and spiritual challenge I have ever done in my life. At the finish line, I did not know what I wanted to do more, to cry from pain on laugh because it is over. Every time I finish I say that this is the last IronMan in my life and 2 days later I will start thinking about the next year. Even though this event is 2 months earlier this year than last year, and there are 2 months less to train for it, the good news is that it was my personal best result. I improved by 4 minutes comparing to the last year. I am happy for God’s provision, grace and favor. Here are the comparative results:

Year Swim 1.9 km Bike 94 km Run 21 km Total time Age Rank Total Rank
2014 00:28:16.0 03:03:41.0 02:00:47.0 05:40:12.0
2015 00:28:44.0 02:58:49.0 02:00:44.0 05:36:03.0

Wisdom Learned: I am glad that I register for a competition ahead of time. This step has amazing multifaceted effect on my life. Also adds some focus in every aspect of my life. Being disciplined and engaged in many kinds of life activities such as being a spouse, a father, a doctor and an athlete creates balance between all those activities and keeping me away from useless and even harmful behaviour such as sitting on the coach and watching the “dumb box”- TV. It makes me think. It makes me plan better. It makes me to work harder. It makes me to train harder. It makes me pray harder. It makes me more real and authentic. It trains me to endure more pain and appreciate time and relationships better. It brings me closer to who God intended me to be. At the end brings glory to my Father in Haven that I am trying to use every talent and opportunity He provided for me to their maximum extends. Often we/humans think that God’s gifts and talents are coming and we don’t need to do anything for it or with it. Often there is a delusional expectation of the miracle, ease, and joy coming by doing nothing and let God do everything for us. I think we are wrong expecting blessings and doing nothing for it and with it. It is not enough just to be blessed, and have faith and being saved. Apostle Paul writes to church in Philippi “continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling, 13 for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose.” Philippians 2:12-13 (NIV) I challenge you to continue work out your blessings. Go to where you afraid to go. To do what you afraid to do. Be whoever God designed you to be. NO matter WHAT! It will be fearful, trembling, even painful, uncomfortable, challenging, and at the same time joyful and rewarding, despite of how it feels. Keep your adjustment, exercise schedule and healthy nutrition throughout your life and life will be better!