Most of us heard know of someone who was looking good, feeling fine and yet being diagnosed of a live threatening disease in such a severe stage that they have been given a death sentence. They have been lead to a death trap believing that if they feel good they must be well! There is no truth to this! A scientific journal “The Neurophysics of Human Behaviour” in year 2000 published the ground-breaking study from Furman and Gallo reported that while the brain can process several trillions bits of information per second, it appears that we are perhaps only consciously aware of 50 bits of information per second at any given time.” You and I can feel, consciously register, 50 bits out of several 1 000 000 000 000 (trillion) bits of information coming to our brain at any given second. What it means you and I can feel only 0.000 000 000 02% of all information that the brain is aware at any given second of our lives. WOW! Which is truly tells that information we feel is 99.99% is irrelevant to what is actually going on! It means that how we feel has ZERO effect on our health! And has to have ZERO effect on our health choices and behaviour. Therefore “How do you feel?” question is the most deceptive question we may ask because it is reinforcing the idea that how we feel is actually defining our health status and action plan. It is corrupting the TRUTH and misleading people from action. Choosing your health care base on how we feel is a DEATH TRAP! Moving your HEALTH lower in the priority is a DEATH TRAP! Waiting for someone to do it for you, or pay for you is DEATH TRAP! Are you still heading to a Death Trap? Do you know someone who does? Yet, I hear all those mislead people answering “I feel good“ “My grandmother lived to 97” “ I eat healthy” “I exercise” “I pray”. I feel sorry for them! Because all those things are good but it is not what is controlling our body healing and function. OUR BRAIN CONTROL OUR FUNCTION and HEALING by God’s given power in it. Unfortunately, adjustment doesn’t replace food, exercises and prayer, as wells as food, exercises and prayer DO NOT replace adjustment. If you truly care for someone, you better encourage them to do something good. Don’t ask “How are you felling” question. Chiropractic adjustment affects 90% of brain stimulation and nutrition. We may feel good or bad, better, worst and feeling nothing under chiropractic care, and it is still irrelevant, it is IMPROVES YOUR CHANCES to better HEALTH, period! Therefore using Chiropractic for pain relief or symptom relief , even though it works too, it is like USING SMART PHONE TO CALL 911 ONLY! Do not be afraid speaking to people about Chiropractic and God’s healing built in every one of us, because you might be the only one left around them who knows the TRUTH. Scary, You might be the ONLY one LEFT around them! Know and act upon truth and God will set you free from frustration about your health and your friends and family health. Get Checked! Get Adjusted! Live Well! Be Blessed!