In the last year, there were over 1400 missed visits. Which means, over 1400 follow up calls, over 1400 reschedules (besides legitimate reschedules) and over 1400 discussions about WHY the appointment was missed, and scheduling 1400 FREE MAKE UP visits. It’s truly concerning! We would love to get the grasp on it!

First of all, we would love to thank disciplined people and at the same time to apologize to you for a disrupted adjustments flow, waiting for your adjustment because of those who show up late, early, or anytime they feel like for their appointment. It disrupts the schedule and basically destroys the normal adjustment flow and causes chaos.

We are going to take a Biblical approach to this “10 Warn troublemakers once or twice. Then don’t have anything else to do with them.” Titus 3:10 (CEV)

We understand that life can be busy, unexpected and hectic. We do live the same life and have the same challenges: work, children, spouses, traffic, schedules, weather, travel, mortgages etc.

Let’s have a look at our side of commitment:  How many times would you tolerate it if you came to the office and the doctor wasn’t there without prior notice? And if you need to wait for the Dr. because he is serving somebody, keep in mind, that this “somebody” maybe you in different times. Remember the wait times for a Dr. at the hospital?

Chiropractors are Health Coaches not Babysitters!

The author of the book “Radical Leap” Steve Farber wrote “We love to serve people who love what we do.”

     Our Drs are health experts and awarded as “Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare in 2012” by the International Association of Health Care Practitioners. The certificate is displayed in the exam room.

     We have limited capacity and want to give our absolute best services to people who are passionate and excited to be adjusted and appreciate doctors’ advice, expertise and knowledge, and want to be well!

Please pay attention to the following:

  1. Healing requires rhythm and consistency. Follow your recommendations. Doctors give them to achieve the best possible results, and to get and keep you well for life. If you are not following them, please do not waste your time and resources and ours too.
  2. If something came up, more serious than your health, please give us a call. We would gladly reschedule your adjustment to catch up ASAP. At the same time ask yourself “if I am not well, how important would be the reason that I am missing/rescheduling my adjustment today?” Be real with yourself!
  3. If you forgot why you are here and want be well, talk to the doctor and revitalize your vision and passion for your life. You are WORTH IT! Your family is worth it!
  4. We are not HEALTH babysitters, we only want to help and serve people who absolutely, without a doubt, want our service. Help us to help you!
  5. Policy reminder: 2 missed appointments will be forgiven, after the 3rd , we will close the file or ask to pay for missed services. We will donate the funds to children’s charity!

We take health seriously because SUBLUXATION is a SILENT KILLER! Subluxation kills people today who were subluxated in the past! Don’t want it to be you!

We want a healthy future for you and your family, hope you do too.

Remember: Discipline is freedom… be healthy and live life full of joy!