Have you ever watched a real pro-team perform? Have you ever watched a superstar play basketball, football, tennis or baseball? Have you ever heard a great speaker? Doesn’t it look easy? Doesn’t it look effortless?


Well, it seems that way because the people whom you’re watching have trained hard to get to that level. They have invested so much energy in preparing to perform that when they actually get to perform they are actually ready. Remember there is no easy walk to excellence. A team needs to train hard, so hard that they are almost perfect on the day of the game. The best of the best know that there is no shortcut.


 “All great results are built on the foundation of practice and preparation.”

– Ken Blanchard and Don Shula from the little book of coaching


Have you ever walked into the clinic and been overwhelmed by the number of people? Kids everywhere, the chairs are full and you can’t even find a spot for your shoes. How will you ever get your adjustment and get back to your day without spending an hour and a half in the office?


Don’t worry and don’t get stressed out! We train, every week we are trained. Our goal is to serve you, your family, your friends, and loved ones. If we are going to serve more people, more people than we serve now, we will need to continue to train. We practice how to serve you better. We practice how to shorten our cycles so you don’t have to wait. No matter how busy it seems, we will continue to serve you well. Hopefully better and better each week!


Everyone deserves to live a long and healthy life so we will continue to train, so we can continue to serve. We purposely get over-prepared so you can continue to refer in the people you love. We will not rest until we are saving the most lives we possibly can. Then, we will train harder so we can save more, every week, every day and every hour. All great results are built on the foundation of practice and preparation.