Last week we posted a newsletter that I wrote in 2010. Thank you for your immediate concerns and it’s really shows that you are reading newsletters and engaged in life. It’s really awesome to see that the whole world goes in “summer” mode by checking- out from life, but here all people at Healthy Kids & Family Chiropractic are living life fully engaged in the process. I always knew that God sends real people in right place for a right reason. You are really special in that way! Keep up a good work!

So, story continued….   In June 2010, I had a Triathlon and I had a kidney failure and went to hospital where my blood test was taken and sent home with advice not to do any triathlons because I am old etc.  For more than 8 weeks I was reassessing my life and gave you all advices that I mentioned in the past newsletter. In September 2010, I was fighting a good fight using all-natural resources and actually started getting a good traction and recovering like 80-90% better, than my MD calls and asked me “Dmitri, are you still alive?” I asked him why would be calling and asking me this question, He was really apologetic saying that he finally received my blood work from the hospital from June and his colleagues missed reading blood test properly and I had a massive kidney infection and by now the most probable outcome by now I supposed to die. He wanted to see me right away to run another blood test immediately and see what is my health status is. So, I went did the blood test and it was already unremarkable.

There are few morals that I learned from this experience:

  1. No one is perfect, including doctors. They can make mistakes and missed critical point that can jeopardize my health.
  2. I learned to forgive and at the same time using the knowledge that God deposited into me for my own health benefit that I constantly sharing with others, you.
  3. I learned to never give up sharpening my focus and continue my fight using God’s methods and All-Natural resource that He provides for us. And the most important it a Subluxation-Based -Corrective -Neurology -Focused-Chiropractic care.
  4. I learned that “Discipline will take me further than desire” (Warrior Proverbs) so I had to stay faithful in the discipline and action.
  5. I learned that “Fight never ends”.
  6. I learned “if I quit fighting I am dead” so fighting for myself and my family and my people is not an option it is survival necessity.
  7. I learned to trust in God, and move in Faith, and be content with any outcomes completely surrendering my life into His hands. I learned that “If God brought me to this, He will deliver me through this!”
  8. I learned that knowledge and wisdom that God shares with me I need to use it for mine and my people good, otherwise He would never have opened it to me.
  9. I also learned that “There is NO “magic bullet” that can safe my life” I need to sharpening my focus on Prayer, Nutrition, Stress, Exercises and Chiropractic Care at all times, Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring 24/7/365. WHOLISTIC APPROACH!
  10. And have an easy and grateful heart for all of this to be able to train, pray, eat, and get adjusted!


Keep up a good job! Make-up your adjustment visits, continue your training, Denneroll exercises, and continue building your relationships with God in Christ Jesus!

Continue Sharpening Focus, Focus, Focus, be easy and be Blessed!

Dr. Dmitri