A feel-good story appeared in the October 7, 2005 issue of the Edmonton Sun about a woman whose life was changed by chiropractic. Forty seven year old, Miaen Khullar, had suffered severe migraine headaches for over a decade. She reported that she hadn’t had a pain-free day since 1990, when she was in a car accident.

Her migraine symptoms have included vomiting, pain on one side of the head, difficulty breathing, sensitivities to light and sound, and seeing “auras” or vision disturbances like flashing lights or blind spots. She reported, “I don’t handle pain killers well; that’s why I tried a chiropractor.” Miaen continued, “You wouldn’t believe I’m the same person today. I am getting a lot better and stronger.”

Dr. Kyu Seung, her Edmonton chiropractor stated, “Migraines are caused by restricted blood flow to the brain and the brain cries out.” He continued, “Medication will treat the pain but you need to deal with the underlying causes.” The article reports that Dr. Seung, noted that 90% of migraine sufferers report a stiff and sore neck, due to spinal misalignment and resulting pressure on nerves, commonly known as subluxations.

Migraines are commonly a result of dysfunction in the Trigeminal Nerve. Trigeminal nerve has its nucleus (nerve center) extending into the spinal cord down to the neck level, as low as C5.

NOT only do adults have Migraines, KIDS DO TOO!

The article also noted that according to a study in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics in 2000, one in five migraine sufferers given chiropractic adjustments reported a 90% reduction in migraines and half said they’d experienced a significant improvement in the severity of their migraines.

From My Personal Life!

I remember those days when Natasha, my wife, had Migraines. Sitting at home, in the dark, walking to the washroom just to throw up holding on to the wall for support, missing work, missing family time, MISSING LIFE! I had “Migraines” just looking at her.

After she started being adjusted, they dropped significantly in intensity and frequency. We got Natasha back! She got her life back, so do we!

I bet, that in the last month somebody from your circle of friends, family or co-workers, complained to you that they had or have a Migraine! Most likely they said that they have regular Migraines! Having MIGRAINES IS NOT NORMAL!

JUST IMAGINE how CRIPPLING this CONDITION is not only for that person but for the whole family?

It’s not that people have migraines, It’s MIGRAINES HAVE PEOPLE!

Not the other way around.

Ironically, my professor at Chiropractic College told Natasha that chiropractic wouldn’t be able to help.

Chiropractic is not a healing for any condition.

It’s God given GIFT!
By HIS grace and Mercy!
(That’s what I believe!)