How serious is this, Doc?

In 2011, 178,000 people were diagnosed with cancer… 75,000 died. This number is growing year after year! That’s 8 Canadians EVERY HOUR dying from Cancer alone. Charities raise billions of dollars trying to find a cancer cure. Think of the people you know that have/had cancer. This number is growing year after year! Cancer is serious. Would you agree?

Journal of Energy Medicine published a study in 2000 saying that “Electrical dysfunction of nerve transmission through stress generated potentials from bone (streaming potentials and piezoelectricity, due to improper posture-subluxation).1 Electrical nerve interference has been linked to altered expression of one’s DNA.2

Subluxation is one of the reasons why cancer cells are appearing as a result of improper DNA function! Subluxation is serious. Would you agree?

Improper Posture = Improper DNA function

Subluxation + Time + Choice = Cancer!

   Yet, very few with cancer have seen their own cancer cells under a microscope. Few have touched their cancer to see if it is real. Very few have seen the research into chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and the other drugs cancer patients are often given. Very few feel the pain of cancer until it is too late.

Now, Let’s reason some excuses:

“I can’t afford the cancer treatment”

“Oncological visits don’t fit my schedule!”

“I need to wait for more cancer research to start treatment”

“It is too early for cancer treatment”

“My kids have hockey /soccer/ dance practice, so I can’t make to the cancer treatment”?

“I have to work at that cancer treatment time, so I can’t make it”?

“My spouse doesn’t believe in cancer.”

“Cancer is not a priority right now.”

“My kids are too young to have cancer and not needed cancer treatment.”

“Dr. can you guarantee cure.”

“Cancer is not real because I don’t feel it.”

“Only when I feel bad from cancer than I might consider treatment.”

“My medical doctor said oncologists are quacks”

 How does it sound to you?

Can you feel cancer or your cell?

Subluxation & Cancer are serious!

Let see how we can we reason adjustment. That’s what we hear every day as reasons not to be well:

“Adjustment? I am too busy, and it’s too much for me now, doc!”

“I can’t afford to pay for my adjustment”

“Doc, it’s ok to miss adjustment. We will catch up”

“I need to see more research on adjustment.”

“I live too far to come for adjustment?”

“My kids have hockey/ soccer/ dance/ etc. practice, so we can’t make to chiropractic adjustment.”

“I have to work to pay for my chiropractic care!”

“I don’t believe you doctor. It’s too easy”

“Chiropractic is not a priority right now?”

“My kids are too young to be adjusted?”

“I have no time for my exercises & Dennerol!”

“I am OK doc, I feel fine!”

“Can I get adjusted once a month?”

“Before I start, I would like to see how it works.”

“I don’t feel anything after being adjusted.?

Oh this is a good one “My medical doctor said Chiropractors are quacks.”


Chiropractic is not massage, is not acupuncture, is not physiotherapy, is not osteopathy, NOR medicine without a license. In fact, chiropractic is not even medicine with a license. The difference between Oncologist and your Chiropractor is that Oncologist is treating the consequence. And your Chiropractor is training you how to make RIGHT choices!


Chiropractors move the bone and

YOU & GOD does the CURE!

Just don’t wait until it’s too late……

“Anyone who loves to be trained loves knowledge. Anyone who hates to be corrected is stupid.Proverbs 12:1 NIRV

 That’s why I don’t miss my adjustments, exercises and Denneroll time!

Please don’t get deceived by how we make it look. Easy, fun and joyful while saving lives! But it’s still serious!



  1. Harrison DD. Editor. Spinal Biomechanics: A Chiropractic Perspective. Evanston, WY: Harrison CBP Seminars, 1992.
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