Wins are a bi-product of hard work – doing your best every day, every week, every year.  From the moment I started coaching the Miami Dolphins in 1970, my day to day plan was very specific.

I wanted to make sure that my team came out of every meeting a little more intelligent than when they went in, that they came off the practice field a little better prepared mentally and physically to play the game than they were before practice.  I wanted my player to make the most of every meeting, every practice, and every preseason game in order to get them ready for the regular season.

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One young fellow asked me a question “What is a true success in life?”

I heard ones this statement that helped me in the past, so I simply quoted “True success in life is knowing your purpose and pursue it with a whole heart. Wins and losses than don’t matter, because you know WHY you do what you do and that you have done absolutely, possibly the best as you could to live life to its purpose.”   Anonymous

True success in health is when we gave our bodies opportunities and time to heal and adapt, innately and being able to express our true, God giving potential. Which is the ability to heal from Above-Down, Inside-Out!

If Don Schula can say that about football, how much more should we say that about health?  I see myself not only as your chiropractor but more like as your health coach.  To win at life you need to be healthy, strong and have dissent quality of life.  My goal for you is to live at least 80 – 100 years with great health.  For the children that are being adjusted those numbers grow to 100- 120 years with great health.  That means no heart disease, no cancer, no diabetes etc.  That’s our target! That’s “WHY” you are adjusted.

This is totally possible, as you continue to get adjusted, earn from the education process and apply it – you will be transformed into a health care winner.  Just like the 1972 Miami Dolphins, who never lost a game – you can go through life winning at the game of health and life!

It is not necessary easy and painless process but your life definitely worth it! You are worth to live a life that God created for you!

My WHY is to live a Life of health and adventure for God’s glory!

What is your WHY?