Any game would be boring without knowing the score. As well as any competition or sport.  If we didn’t keep score,  we wouldn’t know where we stand or if we are improving or not. Without a Score, we would quit and never play the game again, most of the time.

Many of you already know and are probably using “the Score” effectively.  I would like to elaborate on it a bit more.

By the way, I am the inventor of the clinical implementation of The Score Principle for the Chiropractic/Medical Practices/Patients and as far as I know we are the ONLY practice in the WORLD who keeps their patients accountable to their exercises on a weekly basis!

HURRAY, we are proud and honored to serve you!

Most people enjoy playing bowling. In essence, bowling, would be pretty boring if you just throw a ball into a group of pins. I wonder, how long we would continue playing without knowing the score. The Score keeps this game going. Also, keeping score makes things interesting and allows us to analyze where we stand and objectively measure any improvement as well.

Of all the people who are interested in improvement, and I believe it is you, are using “The Score Principle” in their lives. In fact, all advanced people use this principle in all aspects of their lives. I use it too, to track my athletic performance, learning where and how I am improving in my sports, using x-ray measurements, monitoring your correction and improvement, balance scale, range of motion, just to mention a few. It gives you the best possible recommendations for continuous correction or maintenance. I also using it to asses the health of the practice. In fact, we need to use it at all times to keep us aware of the real picture and to be able to chart a new course for the future and to continuously improve.

Besides the analytical knowledge, I hope that it would help you to stay on track with your exercises and actually build a momentum. Lets call it “Weekly Exercise Score” that will help us work towards optimal health.

The score is made out of 2 numbers, and represents how often have you done your exercises for the previous week, for example: 76 where “7”*, the first number, represents how many times per week you have done your Denneroll-Spinal Orthotic Traction exercise.

And the second number “6”, represents how many times per week you have done your prescribed exercises with general exercise during the prior week.

*Note: if you haven’t been instructed on the Denneroll yet, instead of the first number,  use the letter “D”.  Therefore, a total score of “D6”

That’s how we play it. I would like you to be PROACTIVE. Tell me your score before- hand i.e. “Doc, my score is 76 for the last week!” loud and proud. OR, simply After you sign in at the table,  press those numbers on the keyboard of the computer before your adjustment. Be proactive, so don’t wait until I ask you “What is your score?”

I know that we are not perfect, so do not be afraid. The point is to help you to get a better grasp on necessary exercises and become more consistent. I truly believe that we will have lots of fun and it will help you to keep track on your exercises and get you the best possible results. It will also motivate you to engage in exercises as a good habit in your weekly routine.

Accountability will help you to regain your health FASTER! That’s what we care about at HKFC.

Blessings in your Health, Always!