Denneroll-Spinal Orthotic Traction Excercise Class

Please consult your chiropractor for the specific instruction how to use Denneroll-Spinal Orthotic specifically for you.

Denneroll does not replace specific scientific chiropractic adjustment. Must be used ONLY in conjunction with chiropractic adjustment and patient need to be under regular chiropractic care supervised by a chiropractor who specialized in spinal reconstruction.

Please DO NOT self-diagnose, self-prescribe or improvise your care. After having a university degree Chiropractors study over 4000 hours to obtain their Doctorate’s Degree. Dr. Sokolov expended his degree by studying Pediatric and Pregnancy care through ICPA, as s well as NeuroSciense and Reconstructive Care by taking extracurricular education with CBP (Chiropractic Bio-Physics) and many more other courses.