The other day someone asked me why adjustments are so fast? They had been asked that same question by someone that was trying to draw a connection between the length of an adjustment and the quality of the adjustment. Here’s why an adjustment only takes a minute…

In the last year of my chiropractic college, one of my professors asked me how long it took me to adjust my son. He knew that I was married, and he had even met my family couple of times so he knew we were deeply in love and love our child. He knew that my family are the most important people to me. He asked me “How long does it take to adjust your child?” I answered, “it takes about 30 seconds”.  Then he asked me if I cared for my child, I said “yes”. He then said “well, if your child is so cherished, why would you only take 30 seconds to adjust the most precious person you know, wouldn’t that be uncaring to give him such horrible adjustments”? I said, rather defensively, “There’s no way I would give anyone a bad adjustment, including my son. I was focused and delivered the best possible adjustment I could, and it took about 30 seconds”. He responded by saying “so why would you waste your patient’s valuable time by being so unfocused that an adjustment would take 5, 10 or 15 minutes?” Do you understand? I got the point instantly.

Multiple scientific studies were conducted to research a correlation between the time of the procedure and result for the patient, and all of them found that the faster the intervention the better the results.

The questions are:

  • What doctor is more experienced? The one who does the same procedure in 1 hour or the one who does it in 1 minute?
  • Why would anyone want to spend 1 hour on the surgical table, doctor’s office, lawyer’s office, car dealership, chiropractic office or hospital if the same procedure can be done in 1 minute?

The answer is, the faster the better!

We’ve done our research, when we diagnosed your problem. It is the right diagnosis the first time. We will not waste your time here. We have committed to being up to date. The reason we are so concerned with knowing the right answer the first time is because most people tell me that they have gone from doctor to doctor or chiropractor or whoever, and they are still suffering with the same problems. We will not waste your time with unfocused care or with trial and error. You are too important to us and your health is too important to you.

The quality of the adjustment is not defined by time doctor but by the focus, the skills, and qualifications of a chiropractor.

The more patients any doctor sees, the more proficient and experienced they become. I much rather be adjusted by the doctor who delivers 10 000 adjustments a year than a doctor who delivers just 1000 adjustments a year.

By the way – I would worry if my chiropractor would take more than a minute to adjust memy child, or my wife. The best and brightest chiropractors in the world take less than a minute to adjust their patient’s too.

We want the best for you…That is why an adjustment takes only a minute.