Research Reveals: Chiropractic Helps Children Massively!

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) plagues kids and families all over the world. Experts are determined that ADHD reached a level of crisis based on the number of people the medical community diagnosed with the affliction. Medical doctors diagnosed over 6.4 million school-age (4-17) children in the United States alone. This number registers a 42% [...]

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Subluxation and Disability! Part 2

Wow! What an awesome week we had! As a result of these weekly newsletters, many people engaged in a deeper understanding of the importance of chiropractic care with their future functionality and health. Good Job! Dr. Roger Sperry Nobel Prize recipient in Brain Research discovered that: "90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain [...]

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Subluxation and Disability!

As many of you know, we are constantly updating our knowledge to serve you better. In one of the seminars that I attended, Dr. Dan Sullivan presented multiple recent research studies associated with the spine and the nervous system with human health. This week, I will share results of just one of them. More is [...]

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Interesting Findings?

Asthma, ear infections and antibiotic use.  In a survey of 100 families bringing children to chiropractors and 100 families bringing kids to medical pediatricians, it was revealed that the “chiropractic” children had a lesser incidence of asthma, ear infections and less antibiotic use than the “medical” children. (1)  Panic attacks.  A 52-year-old female diagnosed with long-standing panic [...]

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Work and Exercise!

There are many misconceptions in our society about Work and Exercises. Many think that because they work and use energy they are getting stronger and they don’t need exercise, this is especially common thinking among people performing physical work i.e. labor, construction, landscaping, manufacturing, etc. Definition of Work -activity involving mental or physical efforts done [...]

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Sunscreens! Part 2: Sun & Cancer – It’s not what you think!

We are being taught to fear the effects of the sun and think of it as dangerous. It is important to remember that the sun produces essential vitamin D in our bodies; the vitamin D you receive from food enrichment or supplementation is not quite the same as what we receive naturally from the sun. [...]

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Sunscreens! Part 1

Once again, many people are asking us what type of sunscreen is healthier and safer to use. Here are the answers. Without sun, we would not exist in this planet and we will not survive long either, even if we maintain the planet’s temperature. Sunlight is essential for our hormonal, physical and emotional function. Interestingly [...]

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What’s better than a cure?

Last weekend, my wife told me that I care too much and don’t know how to let go or quit. Last week one of my friends was diagnosed with cancer. Last time I examined him in 2013 he had 48% loss of normal alignment (Global and segmental Subluxation). He decided to stop his chiropractic care [...]

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Missed Appointments!

In the last year, there were over 1400 missed visits. Which means, over 1400 follow up calls, over 1400 reschedules (besides legitimate reschedules) and over 1400 discussions about WHY the appointment was missed, and scheduling 1400 FREE MAKE UP visits. It’s truly concerning! We would love to get the grasp on it! First of all, [...]

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Fun and Healthy Summer!

Summer is my favorite season. There is so much to do: sports, hiking, biking, running and swimming outdoor, camping etc. The joy associated with this season involves cottages, and vacationing, fishing, gardening, barbeque, meeting with family and friends, oversleep, over rest, overdrink. Those activities are wonderful, enjoy them, but DON’T’ let them have a huge [...]

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Chiropractic for Seniors

Sometimes it's so funny for me to hear "What's kid’s doctor doing by talking about seniors?" Well, the truth is that we were all children at some point of our lives, and more often than we want our current health condition has roots coming from our childhood. Amazing isn’t it? More and more seniors are [...]

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Chiropractic and Seniors

Chiropractic and Seniors More and more seniors are enjoying the remarkable benefits of chiropractic care as part of their healthy lifestyle. An growing body of research is extolling the health benefits of chiropractic care for seniors. And this is backing up the outstanding results that patient after patient is seeing under chiropractic care. One [...]

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By definition, Immunity is the ability of human body to create a defensive response, withstand, adapt and create a memory to foreign substances or organisms after being exposed at the first time and develop future intelligent, symbiotic relationships in subsequent encounters and/or even acquire a positive effects from those interaction with previously exposed foreign organisms [...]

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Reactive vs. Proactive Life

  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin This is the truth without any doubt. Without knowing and acting upon this every day eventually people are paying a huge price at the end of their days. My heart hurts, I am sure yours too, when we are seeing people being sick, [...]

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder!

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a label tag that is being put on our children at alarmingly increasing rate. In a November 1998 article The National Institute for Health admits that their current stance on the treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder is a contradiction. From the scientific point of view, medicine demands that an [...]

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An Aspirin a Day? No Thanks!

(by Dr. Ben Learner) Although the heart attack rate from daily aspirin ingestion is less, the overall death rate is unchanged.  Those on aspirin have an increase in strokes and sudden death from other causes.  As William Campbell Douglass, MD writes: “Every time you take an aspirin you bleed a little into your gut.  A [...]

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Decision-Commitment- Health!

Close your eyes and think-imaging… Where would you like to be and what would you like to do 30 years from now? Keep it in mind. Decisions that we are making on the daily basis may either support what you are doing at the office, Chiropractic adjustment, or counterbalance them. If you start thinking that I [...]

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